How to Crush the Verbal Section of the GMAT

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The verbal GMAT section may get less attention, but it is still important. If you study hard for the verbal section, you can greatly improve your overall GMAT score. You need to study with intent if you want to crush the verbal section of the GMAT.

Why the Verbal Section Matters

Many business school students put in over 100 hours to study for the GMAT. It's easy to focus more on the data and problem solving sections without seeing the value of the verbal portion. To understand why it matters, you need to see how it fits into your overall score. The verbal GMAT portion can make or break your score, so it's worth your while to understand its importance.

What the Verbal Section Includes

Look for three types of questions in the verbal section. They include critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. The critical reasoning questions evaluate your skill level for making arguments. The reading comprehension questions test your ability to understand reading material and apply what you have learned. Finally, the sentence correction portion demonstrates your grasp of semantics and grammar.

How the Verbal GMAT Is Scored

The verbal portion of the GMAT is scored on a level from zero to 60. Most scores reach a high point of 51. When you receive your score, you will also see where you rank in comparison to other GMAT test takers within the past three years. Your percentage score is a reflection of this measurement. For example, if you score a 90 percent, you have a higher score than 90 percent of all other GMAT test takers in recent years.

What Goals You Should Set

A score of 51 on the verbal GMAT portion is considered to be perfect. It's more reasonable to aim for a score between 28 and 35. If you reach a score of 35, you will rank at the 80th percentile of GMAT test takers. This goal matters because it shows important abilities to the school you want to attend. The admissions counselors want evidence that you can handle the rigors of writing, editing and reading required in top-level business schools. A verbal score that complements your quantitative score will prove that you are a well-rounded student.

How EmpowerGMAT Can Help You

We want to help you showcase all your strengths on the GMAT. The verbal portion proves that you have strong control of grammar and excellent reading comprehension. These skills can set you apart from the competition.

At EmpowerGMAT, we will help you earn your best verbal GMAT score. Through our comprehensive program, we can help you boost your verbal and quantitative learning. Our on-demand prep course is perfectly suited to your busy schedule. When you work with us, you are guaranteed to receive better results than studying on your own.

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