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EMPOWERgmat is the On Demand GMAT prep course built on official GMAT material.

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The 3 Month Pack includes all 6 shorter, new format GMAT® Official Practice Exams, delivering a complete official practice test suite for the ultimate in realism, unmatched by any GMAT prep course.


All GMATPrep practice Computer Adaptive tests use retired official GMAT questions. Practice tests made by any other source are only interpretations of GMAT questions.


The 6 Official GMAT Practice Tests are included in your EMPOWERgmat membership, saving you money, and ensuring our students have the highest quality tests.


Knowing where you stand, and how you're progressing is critical to your success. With official GMAT Practice Tests, you have the confidence to know that your score is a reliable measurement of performance.

A Curriculum Focused On Results

The GMAT is not just a content exam. It's a measure of a set of skills. Train to know how to beat the GMAT's game

EMPOWERgmat is a comprehensive on demand GMAT course meticulously crafted with real resources by a team of GMAT ninjas.

Master The GMAT At Home With
Highly-Structured Video Lessons

Every topic, and every single question in the course is followed by an expert video breakdown. Know how to prepare for the GMAT with the course that's like having a virtual tutor to train you how on the content and the tactics to tackle
everything on the GMAT.

✔ The GMAT® CAT Algorithm
✔ Data Sufficiency
✔ Problem Solving
✔ Sentence Correction
✔ Reading Comp
✔ Critical Reasoning
✔ Integrated Reasoning
✔ AWA Essay

6 Study Plans & A Powerful Platform

Whether you're just starting your GMAT training, or another course let you down, choose the study plan that fits your specific needs. Track your progress, as your GMAT expertise builds.

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