Frequently Asked Questions

What does the EMPOWERgmat Course cost?

Free for the first 24 hours, and $99/month thereafter with easy cancellation. EMPOWERgmat's system rewards users for training efficiently: the more you train, the more you save.

Why don’t the hardest questions matter? Don’t I have to get hard questions correct to get a high score?

The GMAT is designed as a means to test potential Business School students on a variety of skills that have little to do with Math or Vocabulary. These skills include organization, accuracy, attention-to-detail, proper note-taking, focus and pacing, among others. So, Quant and Verbal questions are designed to test those skills.

Making silly mistakes (especially on easier questions) will severely hurt your score, but the fact is that the easy and medium questions are worth more than the hardest questions.

A test taker can get 25% of the GMAT questions WRONG and still score above a 700 (as long as the 25% are the “hard” ones and the test taker doesn’t make silly mistakes on the other questions). This is one of the most critical pieces of information that will empower you to achieve your best score on the GMAT.

Why are all of the videos and explanations set against that yellow background, and the explanations handwritten?

When you take the actual GMAT, you’ll be working with a thin-tipped marker and a legal-pad-sized spiral notebook with 6 sheets of laminated paper. The pad is yellow and “lined” (similar to graph paper) and you will not have an eraser. To help present the “reality” of test day, we’ve presented all of the EMPOWERgmat explanations in the same format that you’ll be using on the actual GMAT.

The GMAT can get dirty and messy; as part of your training, we’re going to make sure that you’re ready for that.

So I can cancel my account at any time?

Yes. It's easy to cancel. No phone calls. No email. Just click on Account, and Cancel Account, and confirm. It's that easy.

The monthly tuition is charged at the beginning of the billing period, which you can lookup under "My Account" once you're logged in.

Any partial month is charged for a full month (e.g. a user who has an active account for 2.5 months will be charged for 3 months of access).

All transaction activity is conveniently viewable once you're logged in.

What makes the EMPOWERgmat course different from other GMAT courses?

Maximum improvement in the most efficient way possible. No filler. An emphasis on clear cut strategies that work, with training to ensure that you actually know how to employ the strategies on the Official GMAT. EMPOWERgmat cracked the official adaptive algorithm of the exam. We'll show you that to get an Ultra Elite score, you DO NOT need to get every question right. You will learn which questions you need to focus on, and which questions don’t matter. That’s exclusive to EMPOWERgmat students.

EMPOWERgmat is also the ONLY test prep company in the world with straight-to-the-point video explanations by 99th percentile GMAT assassins for EVERY question in the course and every question in the GMAT Official Guide.

What materials do I receive with the EMPOWERgmat course?

1000s of expert led video lessons and practice questions
1000s of practice questions
100+ modules that break down all content and tactics required to crush the GMAT
1, 2, or 3 Month Study Plans
Content Cheat Sheets
Convenient email support from your EMPOWERgmat Advisor

Check out the summary of the contents of the most effective GMAT prep curriculum in the industry: “The Course Tour”

How much can I expect my score to go up?

The better question is “how hard are you willing to work?”. How patient and dedicated are you willing to be? The GMAT is remarkably good at giving test takers the score that they deserve. In other words, you EARN points on test day by working hard, staying calm, making good decisions and pacing yourself accordingly. We’ve had clients increase their scores by over 300 points (over a 12 week study program), but that’s not always possible (if you scored 550 on a prior exam, a 300 point improvement physically can’t occur since the maximum score is 800) nor is it a promise. You’re going to have access to the same expertise and be able learn everything that those people learned. It’s up to you to train enough, retain what you’ve learned, and deliver on test day.

How long does a subscription last?

As long as you need it to. Tuition is billed monthly, so the more efficiently you prep, the more you save.

You can cancel at any time, and it's easy to cancel. No phone calls. No email. Just click on Account, and Cancel Account, and confirm. It's that easy.

EMPOWERgmat will provide you with a study plan for any schedule. Use the 1, 2, or 3 month GMAT Study Plan PDFs, designed by the EMPOWERgmat experts, to to guide you to success on the real GMAT. Some people need more or less time to study than average, but we’ve always believed that this is a personal decision. Your goal should be the GMAT score that you want. Pigeon-holing someone into a fixed schedule (e.g. an account that’s active for a set period of time, then expires) can work against a student’s best interest.

If you need more time, with EMPOWERgmat, you're not forced to buy the entire course again (as other companies require you to do). You can simply continue on with another month's access.

But everyone says that the hard questions matter the most?

Well, the people who believe that idea are WRONG. Our guess is that whoever’s telling you that is trying to sell you something (and probably at a high price).

How do I get started?

Click Here to signup for a full account. You can also sign up for a free account in seconds on our home page.

How do you beat the competition on the GMAT?

Since there are many ways to answer GMAT questions, the EMPOWERgmat course will show you certain methods that are faster and easier to use than others.


Since each section of the GMAT includes time restrictions, test takers shouldn’t be wasting their time with approaches that are overly technical (calculation heavy), those that lead to a laborious encounter with Reading Comprehension passages, or those that delve into unnecessarily technical mathematics or complicated grammar rules. Speed and ease of use are essential to complete each section on time.

Multiple Skill Sets

Earning a high score on the GMAT requires test takers to be flexible and possess multiple skill sets.

Use the Clever Approach

The EMPOWERgmat course focuses on the easiest way to tackle every question that matters on the exam.

Avoid the Questions That Don't Matter

Furthermore, the EMPOWERgmat course teaches an overall view of the test so that users can maximize their scores by knowing which questions to focus on and which questions to move past.

Physical, Mental and Psychological Training

Through the EMPOWERgmat Podcasts and Modules, you will come to learn highly effective physical, mental and physiological tactics to help you succeed on Test Day

I’m already really good at math. Should I do the quant lessons/practice?

YES! ABSOLUTELY. “Math” people (engineers, bankers and finance professionals, etc.) find it remarkably difficult to score above 650 on the actual GMAT because they treat the quant section as a math test. The GMAT IS NOT A MATH TEST! The ability to do math quickly and correctly is certainly beneficial on test day, but the quant section is testing many OTHER skills. If you’re not comfortable using those skills, then your score will suffer. You could be a math professor, and have a mediocre performance at best on GMAT quant because GMAT quant is not a test of math skill. It tests a certain way of thinking that EMPOWERgmat will help you cultivate.

What does that mean exactly ”which questions to avoid"? Doesn’t every question on the GMAT count?

Questions that are overtly too difficult have little-to-no effect on a test takers score. These questions exist primarily to gauge a test taker's pacing skills.

Additionally, the official GMAT presents each test taker with a variety of Experimental Questions that DO NOT COUNT. While it's almost impossible to determine which questions count and which questions don't, the scoring algorithm still puts emphasis on the "easy" and "medium" difficulty level questions. Even if a test taker is answering an "easy" experimental question, the required effort and time spent on that question will be minimal, so the test taker would still have time to complete each section. With "hard" experimental questions however, the time and effort spent attempting to answer these questions would be considerable and would likely cost the test taker dearly.

With EMPOWERgmat Triage Tactics (Modules and Practice), you'll learn which questions to avoid and how to take quick, educated guesses.

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