Why This is the Best Opportunity in a Generation to Apply for a Top MBA

By BlogMgmt On May 8, 2019 In  General GMAT 


Despite recent headlines about college admission riggings and corruption, it’s still the best time ever for people to get into their dream schools. The numbers are skewed even further toward MBA students and top-flight business school programs. America’s job market is on an incredible run. Unemployment is at historic lows and hiring competition for the best talent is heating up. The draw of good jobs and obsession among younger generations with entrepreneurship has resulted in lower MBA applications into top schools. This means that this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for people to maximize where they can go to pursue their master’s degree.

Strike While the Economy is Hot

The decision to pursue an MBA is easier when things are down. In a recession or depressed economy, there aren’t as many great employment opportunities. Competition for the top jobs is fierce, so people turn to MBA programs to gain skills and knowledge to succeed. This, in turn, makes admission into top business schools more difficult, as people clamor to get in. In the current economic environment, employers are hungry for talented people to join their teams. It’s leading some workers to bypass traditional paths to management that include getting their MBA. Positive economic conditions coupled with rising MBA costs and lower international student enrollment are also making enrollment more accessible to students who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to get into a top school.

An MBA is About More than a Higher Salary

The current situation is a great time for people who have always dreamed of getting their MBA. The degree is about so much more than getting a salary bump. Most MBA students at top programs cite the connections they made at school, unique employment opportunities, and other life skills as some of the most valuable lessons learned. Their time as a business school student will leave a positive mark on them for the rest of their lives, no matter what professional course they choose.

This generational opportunity to get into a high-quality MBA program should be seriously considered. Conditions could change if there’s an economic slowdown. People with limited career options typically turn to graduate school as an option for waiting out recessions. Take advantage of the situation and start preparing for your dream MBA program today. EMPOWERgmat is your best choice for an online GMAT prep course to get you a great score and set yourself up for success.

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