How to Prepare for Qualitative vs Quantitative Subjects

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Students should take a strategic approach to GMAT preparation that gets them the most impact on their scores. Too many prospective MBAs waste time with rote memorization or trying to fit themselves into a cookie-cutter course. Business school represents such a large investment of time and money that there are a ton of books and courses that promise the world. However, students only realize that after paying for the materials that they are the same old approach to GMAT preparation. One of the biggest concerns students express as they prepare for the test is how to appropriately balance time spent on qualitative versus quantitative subjects. Indeed, knowing where you need to apply more time and effort is an important component of a good study plan. Here’s some help on possible solutions.

Take Practice Tests!

A lot of people have misperceptions about their capabilities. Some people have believed for years they are no good at math. Others are terrified of writing. The only real way to know what you are good at is by testing it to see where you stand. An honest look at what score range you’ll land in can be sobering, but it’s only the starting point. All students should take multiple practice tests before they start studying so they know what they need to work on. The practice test will be the starting point by which you can set about raising your score so you can get in your dream school. The best online GMAT prep courses offer actual tests as practice tests.

Use Adaptive Learning Software

One of the best thing technology has done for the GMAT is allowing study lessons to adapt to an individual student’s level. There’s no longer any need to lump in with twenty other students in a night class after you work a full-time job. Adaptive learning software can help make GMAT preparation more effective than ever. The courses will spot areas of weakness and build up your capabilities. Students will spend less time on subjects where they already excel. It’s the best way to maximize a GMAT score.

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