What’s the Right Amount of Time for a GMAT Prep Course?

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A lot of GMAT online courses will have a set number of hours for modules or a recommended amount of time to get where you need to be in terms of score. The problem with that is that every learner is different. We all acclimate to new skills differently, so flexible study plans are key to ensuring real improvement. The right amount of time is however long it takes for students to feel confident when they go in for the test. Four hours in the middle of the day spent studying will most definitely be different than four hours in the middle of the night after working all day and taking care of a family. The best GMAT online courses focus on quality over quantity. They adapt and provide the tools necessary to achieve the score you want and improve your chances of getting into a top program.

Adaptive Learning

Prepping for the GMAT certainly takes a lot of time. However, it’s not about how many hours you put in, but ultimately what score you get. Not all school teachers are equal, and the same is true for test study software. The most effective courses use adaptive algorithms so that the study materials scale to whatever level a student is on. If they are weaker in some areas, the software will focus more on those subjects. That way students are getting the most impactful results from the time they spend studying.

Actual Practice Exams

As students prepare for business school, there are a lot of demands on their time. Many of them manage jobs, families and other obligations on top of studying. It’s important to understand that GMAT prep is not about theoretical learning. It’s about practical mastery of subjects needed to get a great score. One of the best ways to acclimate to the GMAT is by taking actual practice exams. GMAT online courses with real life tests that students can practice with are the best preparation. It will give a glimpse of what things will be like on the day of the test and help ease any anxiety.

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