How Listening to Podcasts Can Help Your GMAT Score

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Applying to business school is a lot different than applying to an undergrad program. When we’re applying to college in high school, we’re at a unique point in life. Most of us have a good deal of free time. What keeps us busy are our own obligations like sports, academics, or a part-time job to get some weekend spending cash. Getting into a top MBA program is a lot more difficult. Most of us have full-time jobs in place and have to balance work, family, and other commitments with studying for the GMAT. Our busy schedules mean that finding any edge and using all available free time is critical to success. Listening to a GMAT prep podcast may not sound like the intuitive way of studying, but it’s very effective.

Active and Passive Listening

Active and passive listening both benefit students. Of course, if we’re able to set aside time to listen to a lesson or podcast on GMAT strategies, that’s great. However, even listening to a GMAT prep podcast on the subway or as we drive home from work can make an impact. We absorb a lot of information through audio means. Filling our minds with GMAT talk and expert lessons creates an environment where we become comfortable contemplating test concepts. It allows best practices to seep into our regular habits.

Access to Professionals

Podcasts are one of the best ways for teachers and experts to reach mass audiences. There are thousands of podcasts on any number of topics led by world-class teachers. GMAT prep podcasts are no different. Listening to them grants students audience with some of the top thinkers and educators in the pre-MBA world. They walk students through things like test-taking mindset and techniques to draw on material you’ve learned in the past. They break down complicated concepts that create breakthroughs in your own prep journey.

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