3 Keys to a 730 GMAT Score

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People who make the decision to pursue their MBA put a lot on the line. There’s wide variance between top programs and average schools with regards to future career earnings and advancement. Getting into one of the country’s best programs can change your life forever. Getting a 730 GMAT score or higher is one of the best ways to present yourself as a competitive candidate for the top schools. Here are three simple tips on getting that 730 plus score.

Create a Serious Study Plan

People who go into GMAT prep saying they’ll study whenever they have free time are setting themselves up for failure. It’s like saying you’ll go to the gym when you’re free. It’ll never happen. In order to be successful, MBA candidates need to structure their time with dedicated space to study. It doesn’t have to be ten hours every day, but regular study with a focus on improving areas of weakness is the best approach. Everyone is different, so having a flexible study option is important. Online courses are a great way to mold studying around busy work and home schedules.

Seek Adaptive Learning

GMAT for Dummies isn’t going to get you a 730 GMAT score. Old traditional means of GMAT preparation are seriously flawed. They take a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving it up to the student to navigate through a ton of material. New programs, on the other hand, adapt to each individual student. They’ll have multiple course plans with different areas of focus. Students can take practice tests and then select areas of study based on their scores. There are also custom study plans based on timelines. For instance, the best programs offer rush courses meant for one month of studying, as well and two- and three-month plans.

Find Realistic Practice Exams

Some students get burned because the practice tests they were taking don’t end up mirroring the real thing. In order to get a 730 GMAT score, real practice tests are vital. Top prep programs work with actual test-writers to make realistic practice exams for their students. It helps to get an accurate projection of where real scores will land.

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