You Should Take the GMAT Twice!

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If you want to get into your top schools, your GMAT exam scores need to show your full potential. Even if you work hard to prepare, you may take the exam and end up disappointed with your score. Many business school hopefuls worry that multiple GMAT scores on their applications will damage their chances of acceptance. In reality, there are many reasons why taking the GMAT exam twice (or even three times!) will actually tip the odds in your favor.

Nerves May Get the Best of You

Everyone gets the jitters before a standardized test, no matter how well prepared and confident they are. The adaptive format of the GMAT exam can be even more stressful since the questions are only going to get harder as you continue. Add in the stresses of an unfamiliar place, and you’re bound to be a bit distracted. Coming back for a second try will allow you to be calmer since you will know more of what to expect.

You Can Cancel Your Score

Since the GMAC now allows test takers to cancel their score after taking the GMAT exam, taking the test more than once is a logical option. If you think you might choose to cancel an undesirable score, it’s important to know going in what score you want. Also, take into consideration the scores you have been getting on practice tests. If you score more than 100 points below the score you had hoped for, canceling and coming back may be a good option. If your score is only 10 or 20 points below your ideal, consider keeping the score as a backup and retaking the exam to try to hit your mark. If you do cancel your score, be sure to take advantage of our Score Cancellation Guarantee for a complimentary month of test prep.

Second-Timers Show Good Improvement

The GMAC reports that test-takers who take the GMAT exam twice consistently show improved scores. This means that even if your first exam has disappointing results, you can view it as a dress rehearsal. By the time your second exam date rolls around, you’ll be an expert. In fact, we believe so strongly that you can improve your score by studying and retesting that we offer a 70 point guarantee!

Important Tips for Your Second GMAT Exam

If you do decide to schedule at least two dates to take the GMAT, here are some tips:

Remember to schedule two tests into your study timeline! Give yourself plenty of time to study, take the exam, recover, study some more, and test again before your deadlines.

Don’t stop studying! Remember to be diligent in the time between your two tests. 

Learn from your mistakes. Make sure you take note of what challenges you or stumps you in your first GMAT exam. That information will be priceless in guiding your study.

Schedule your second exam at the same testing center as your first. It’s now familiar, and that gives you an edge.

Relax! Because you’re giving yourself multiple opportunities to do your best work, you can take some deep breaths and dive in with confidence.

It’s easy to build up the GMAT exam in your head. Taking the exam twice, just like choosing an effective GMAT study course or committing to enough study hours, can allow you to relax while also guaranteeing your success.


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