1 - 760+: What GMAT Assassins Do to Score at the Highest Levels

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Whether you’re just beginning your studies or have been training for the GMAT for some time now, you likely have some idea of what your ‘goal score’ is. For many GMATers, the goal is 700+. That score is relatively rare territory though – only about 10% of Test Takers ever reach that level (and some of them actually hit that score repeatedly - in an attempt to score higher - so not as many Test Takers score 700+ each year as you might think). Obviously, the numbers become even more rare at higher levels. The 760+ level is essentially the 99th percentile. For simple comparison purposes, for every 1,000 people who take the GMAT this year, only about 10 of them will score 760+ (and some of those Test Takers are GMAT Teachers/Tutors or other industry experts).
The GMAT is a remarkably consistent Exam. It’s predictable – and you can train to properly face everything that will appear on Test Day. However, mere knowledge will not be enough to get you to a 760+. The GMAT is NOT an ‘IQ test’, nor is it a ‘math test’ or a ‘vocabulary test.’ At its core, it’s a ‘critical thinking test’, so to score at the highest levels, you have to look beyond having the necessary knowledge and general math/verbal abilities – and you have to train to ‘see’ (and respond to) the GMAT a certain way. A degree of flexibility in your thinking is required on your part; since GMAT questions can almost always be approached in more than one way, you have to learn the various approaches (so that you can choose the most efficient approach for each question that you face).
This series of blog posts will help you to work on the exact skills that can help you to score 760+.
GMAT Assassins aren’t born, they’re made,

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