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EMPOWERgmat Co-Founder, Rich Cohen, discusses the impact an elite MBA can have personally and professionally, and how EMPOWERgmat students are able to crush the GMAT.

Simply The Best Online GMAT Prep System, Period

Blow away the competition with a to-the-point course built on exclusive secrets about how the GMAT really works containing the world's largest GMAT training video library of clear and insightful instruction for EVERY single question in the course:

  • 100+ Comprehensive Lessons
  • 1000s of Questions with Video Explanations
  • Inspiring Podcasts To Help You Conquer the GMAT
  • Quant (Problem Solving & Data Sufficiency)
  • Verbal (Sentence Correction, Reading Comp & Critical Reasoning)
  • AWA
  • Integrated Reasoning

EMPOWERgmat Instructors:

  • GMAT Scores: 800, 790 (99th Percentile)
  • 16 Years Combined GMAT Teaching Experience
  • Rated Excellent by 94% of Students

Progressive Training System

GMAT success requires:

  • Content
  • Tactics
  • Beating the CAT (computer adaptive test)
As you progress in the course, the lessons, problems, sets, and quizzes will enable you to master all three from the ground up for every single question type on the GMAT.

Master GMAT CAT Strategy

What the test-writers were surprised had been cracked---learn exclusive insight on how to spot the questions you need to dump to accelerate your score growth.

Master GMAT Pacing

Know how to pace yourself through all sections of the GMAT to help you achieve maximum overall performance.

Complete Study Plans - 1, 2, or 3 Months

A study plan for any schedule. Use the 1, 2, or 3 month GMAT Study Plan PDFs, designed by the EMPOWERgmat experts, to to guide you to success on the real GMAT.

Stay Sharp

Mini tests that keep you sharp on essential concepts throughout your training so you won’t go rusty—a common problem with old-fashioned prep companies

Be Ready

Be your best—700+ test takers know that there’s more to the GMAT than just mental acuity; how you handle yourself in these other areas will greatly affect your performance. Access:

  • Lessons detailing the most effective tips to help you KNOW your routine
  • Inspiring podcasts to get you fired up to beat the GMAT

Practice GMATs: Pre-Test Review & Training

EMPOWERgmat has tested the publicly available practice GMATs and recommends nothing but the most realistic tests. Take CAT preview drills, and use exclusive the EMPOWERgmat CAT Mistake Tracker to analyze and grow from your mistakes.

iPad & Android Compatibility

Pearson testing centers utilize desktop workstations, so we recommend practicing under similar conditions. For those who require mobility, all modules and video instruction in the course are iOS and Android compatible with the Free Puffin App.

Complete GMAT Official Guide Breakdown

GMAT Official Guide 13th and the new 2015 edition: Don’t just wander through the Official Guide. Know how to make the most of The GMAC Official GMAT Guide by concept and tactic, and watch the pros break it down.

AWA & Integrated Reasoning

Successfully navigate through the otherwise impossible to finish new Integrated Reasoning section. We’ll show you how to cut your stress in IR, and manage the section in the most efficient way possible

We’ll also show you what you need to do to get a perfect 6.0 on your AWA Essay

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